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Shengjiu shot blasting, a wonderful appearance at the 2020 China Die Casting Exhibition

2021-05-28 11:22:03

From July 15th to 17th, "2020 China Die Casting Exhibition" and "2020 China Nonferrous Metals Exhibition" were grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Focusing on the shot blasting field for 27 years, Yongkang Shengjiu Shot Blasting Material Co., Ltd., which integrates production, sales and service, was invited to participate in this exhibition.

Shengjiu's booth is located at N1D54 in Hall N1. There are "shot blasting products" of different materials and models, which look similar but are actually very different, various castings that have been processed by the shot blasting process, and prove the company's ingenuity and persistence for many years. Qualification honor card.

All waiting, just for the reunion.
The epidemic has not yet completely passed, and the exhibition hall is full of people and the flow is endless.
Although everyone is still wearing masks, it does not affect communication and exchanges with each other. During the three-day exhibition, there was an endless stream of people in front of Yongkang Shengjiu's booth. 5 sales engineers give full play to their professional knowledge and enthusiasm to provide patient and sincere answers to customers who come to consult.

for example:
Why are some castings blackened after shot blasting?
How to choose the most suitable shot blasting product for surface treatment of castings?
What is the difference in the effect of die castings used by each shot blasting product?
How to configure the duration, intensity and dosage of shot blasting?
In addition, it also includes consultation on shot blasting machine equipment, post-processing of shot blasting process and other related issues.

The success of this exhibition beyond expectations is inseparable from everyone's participation and dedication.
Thanks to the leaders of Shanghai Aluminum Industry Association for visiting the site for guidance.
Thanks to the support and love of new and old customers, 5000KG steel shot was sold on site.
Thanks to every colleague for their passion and dedication to boost Shengjiu's way forward.

Yongkang Shengjiu Shot Blasting Material, started in 1993, has been focusing on the shot blasting field for 27 years. It is the earliest innovative company in China to research and develop non-ferrous metal surface blasting treatment materials.
As a source manufacturer in the field of shot blasting, the company provides one-stop service from annealing, wire drawing, and cutting of raw materials to sales and service, reducing the middle price difference and providing first-line support.
At present, the company serves customers and informs more than half of China's top 50 die-casting enterprises. The road ahead is still long, and Sheng Jiu will not forget his original intention and will accompany him wholeheartedly.